Payment & Security

We pride ourselves on the simplicity & safety of our transactions. Not to be taken lightly we have registered with many well respected security providers in order to protect your personal details and privacy.

All our transactions go through the latest and highest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkout system; this is the same high security level used by online banks and many major online retailers. Even the login to your account area goes through a complex level security channel with heavy encryption.

We do not store any customer card details. All information is heavily encrypted and sent onto the bank for verification. Our system will never see your card information.

For additional security we work in conjunction with Visa and Master Card offering Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure which work in the same way as chip and pin. This adds an extra layer of security for all our customers, making it near impossible for someone to use your card online without knowing your password. For more information please check out the Verified by Visa website and Master Card site.